Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mister Y

"What's over there?"

"Is that a beard or a bear?"

"Is that a boat in a battle?

Is it a snake that rattles?"

"Is that a big turtle?
Over the rock it hurtles."

"Is that a tree?"
"How could that be?"

"Or is that a face?"

"If you walk in a slow pace..."

"Is that a rattling snake?
Or is it a leaf in the lake?"

"It´s not, for Pete's sake!
Do you know what you make??
What you see´s what you take!"

"Is that a dragonhead?"
"Doesn´t it look sad?"

"No, it's just a lizard.
From the distance it´s too hard."

"No, it's another shadow!
That is playing with you in the meadow."
"And what's there below?
It´s coming very slow."

"Is that a giant?
You must be valiant!"

"Is that a beast?
You should run, to say the least!"

"Are you afraid? Why??
If it's just Mister-Y!"

Excerpts from the Book
"Natural Illusions" by Ana C. Antunes

"Photos of Thoughts"

Books and Articles based upon play-on-words, image-in-action and exercises for your mind, body and soul

Copyright © 2009 Ana Bowlova Ink. All rights reserved.

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